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Hey everyone, I'm going to be putting together the topics for next semester soon. If anyone has any good ideas, I'd like to hear them. Some of the ones we have are:


The Theory that Religious Focus Stems From the Means of Sustenance

Relations with Other Religions(might try inviting people of other faiths to this one)

Paganism and Roleplaying

Paleo-, Meso-, and Neo-Paganism, and the difference between the three

Warrior Traditions in Modern and Ancient Paganism

Discussing Ancient Pagan Cultures

We could also have repeats of some of the ones we covered last semester, if enough people really want to.
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I think another cultural focus topic might be nice. Last semester (and the semester before that) we did the Celts. I probably speak for a few other members when I say that it's time to move on. This time around, how about the Norse, the Greeks, Romans, Finnish, Indians, or American Indians? Loads of stuff out there, it just depends what people are interested in.

We can also still do the special discussion/ party meetings before the high days. The craft meeting was another good idea, but one that unfortunately didn't work out.

And as usual, I'm all for non-academic topics. That is, discussions which don't require a certain amount of historical knowledge to be participated in. While people probably learned a lot from some of the monologue meetings, discussion is more our goal. Humor got screwed last time, but I heard music went over well. Fortune telling might be another good repeat.

New ideas/ modified ideas:
-Becoming Accepted as a Valid Subculture/ Religion: how much of ourselves would we sacrifice for a good image, how much should we expect of others, etc...
-Comparing Ritual Traditions: what Wiccans do, what Druids do, what solitaries do, and why
-Animals: Their roles in pagan lives past and present, animal companions, animal totems
-Mythological creatures: do they exist, what are their mythologies, what are their roles
-The Concept of Evil: do we have a concept of evil, what is it, can it be punished by divinity, tricksters, demons
-Pagans and Politics: are there any pagan politicans out there, what would a pagan's duty be if elected, why are so many pagans such bloody annoying liberals, and mindless ones at that? Ok, rephrase that last bit. ;)

Also, I think we should go back to our original idea of having multiple topics lined up for each meeting. At the first meeting of the semester, perhaps we could spend a few minutes and ask members which discussion topics they are most interested in. We shouldn't line up the entire semester's topics at once, but leave some flexibility for good discussions to carry over into the next meeting. It would probably be a good idea for the officers to meet before and after each meeting: 15 minutes before for the officer meeting, and just 5 minutes after to decide what topics should be on the agenda for the next week.
Strangely enough, I remember starting to type out "The Norse, the Romans, the Greeks, and other ancient cultures", and somehow it got deleted when I was editing.
I don't think we can shove that many cultures into one topic unless it is specifically to compare them.