Kris (anti_dust) wrote in ric_pagangroup,

November 16's meeting

If any of you are artistically inclined, we still need a logo, preferably one which incorporates the RIC tree logo. The tree logo can be found through a image search, for anyone who is interested.

The topic of this week's meeting will be Magic(k): does it work, do you do it, what is it, what is its role in regards to paganism, what was its role in regard to paganism, and can you use it to get me a winning scratchcard? The meeting will be on the Donovan/ student union catwalk at the usual time, unless Dan manages to get a room, in which case one of us will let you know.

Feel free to start discussion about this week's topic, or any other related topics, here on this community. We've noticed that the in-meeting conversations never seem to get going until halfway through, so a jumpstart couldn't hurt.

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